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Last Updated 12/10/18

Best Home Repair Book

Basic Tools for New/Novice Do-It-Yourselfer

How I Store My Tools

Table on How to Select Work Gloves -- looks like pigskin is all around best

Why Light Bulbs Burn Out So Quickly

In the Dark About a Good Flashlight?  

Quickly Estimating Electrical Gadget Operating Costs For Making Cost Tradeoffs  

Which Cordless Drill ?

My Universal Stool


Cleaning & Preventing Mildew (the black grunge) on Tile Shower Surrounds

Repairing Rotted Areas  

Filling Holes and Gouges in Almost Any Material  

Choosing  the Right Glue

Removing J-B Weld From Your Skin

Plumbing Stuff

Water Heaters

Toilet Training

Fixing a Sink, Lavatory, Tub or Shower Fixture 

Breaking Loose A Stuck Garbage Disposal  

Pipe Noises -- Do Your Pipes Bang, Wail, Moan, or Tick?

Forum with L  O  T  S  of Advice & Answers on Plumbing

Articles on PEX Plumbing

Out, Out, Damn Spot

Phone Numbers for Common Household Product Companies

Stopping Fan Wobble                 Which Ceiling Fan to Buy?

FLAT ROOFS -- The Most Valuable Advice You'll Find Here

Deck Sealers/Treatments


Termites, Carpenter Ants, & a little bit more about bugs.

Squirrels in Your Belfry  

Pressure Washers -- Gas vs Electric

Removing Sticker and Tape Goo

How to Loosen a Tight Screw

How to Tighten a Loose Screw -- Fixing a Stripped or Wallered Out Screw Hole 

How Much Does Plywood Weigh?

Wall Doin's

Removing a Mirror from a Wall  

Drywall = Sheetrock = Plasterboard (for the Brits) = Gypsum Wallboard

Floor Doin's

Repairing Vinyl Floor Tile

Fixing Floor Squeaks

Programmable Thermostats -- Do They Also Bake Bread?

Water Levels -- Making and Using the Worlds Most Accurate Level

Duct Tape Ain't for Ducts (or hamsters)

Trivia Break --Here's How a Dimmer Switch Works

Garage Door Stuff

Other Door Stuff 

Soundproofing and Also Here  - Noise Reduction, Actually

How to Add A Telephone Line

How to Dry Out a Wet Basement

Why Are There So Many Questions About Bathroom Vent Fans??

Appliance Repair

Tips on Buying a Central Airconditioner

Places to Buy Specialty Hardware On the Net

Is Pressure Treated Wood Safe to Eat?

Washing Windows  --  It's Easy If You Know How

More Than You Wanted to Know About Lighting

Do Magnetic Water Softeners For The Home Work?   My opinion -- No

What About Airless Sprayers

Wood Ewe? Wood Eye?  Wood Facts  

I almost always use screws, but if you intend to nail you need to Choose the Right Nail

 How To Get Your Credit Report REALLY Free With No Strings Attached


Didn't Find What You Needed?

How to Fix Almost Anything That Doesn't Require Major Repair  


Other Home Repair -- How-To Sites


Here's a Website that Channels alt.home.repair.  It allows you to ask questions without having to learn newsgroups and it lets you avoid the spam. 

Here's a Discussion Area Where You Can Ask Home Repair Questions

Detailed Instructions for Over 30 Home Projects Illustrated by Ken and Barbie

Big Big List of Home Repair Items

Another List of Home Repair Help Items

Yet Another Website With Home Repair Tips and Instructions

More Do-It-Yourself Articles  -- left column

The Natural Handyman -- Excellent DIY site. If I'd seen this site first, I might not have made mine.

Danny Lipford -- More DIY Articles. 

Some Home Upkeep Projects

A Brit DIY Site

A Fairly Large Collection of Projects from Ron Hazelton's "House Calls" TV Show

Miscellaneous Articles on Home Upkeep

Some How-To blurbs <=scroll down

Articles on Home Repair and Projects

FAQ for sci.electronics.repair -- Electrical Gadget Repair

FAQ for Electrical Wiring

If You Wonder How Different Stuff Works Try This Site

Links O' Links

Masonite-Type Siding Lawsuits

  • Masonite the deadline has passed

. . . . . . . . . . How to tell if you can make a claim

  • Louisiana-Pacific the deadline has passed

  • Georgia-Pacific -- the site has closed.  I don't know why.

Now for something entirely different

If you have trouble keeping track of the bits and pieces of information, facts & data that swirl around your everyday life, try my instant recall program InfoMagic.  At least the price is right -- it's free.


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