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Anyone know how to stop a bedroom door from closing on its own WITHOUT using a doorstop?

If it's not closing too fast (not too out of plumb) remove a hinge pin (middle if there is one) and deform it slightly so it will bind a little in the hinge. Probably the most common method is to bend it very slightly. One way to do this is to lay it on a brick, concrete or some hard surface you don't mind scarring and hit it in the middle with a hammer. Do this in small amounts until it works so you don't bend it too much. If bending one pin doesn't do it, bend another.

Another method I've used is to score the hinge pin. For example, if you have a pair of Vice Grips, try using them to bite into the pin slightly in about 3 places along its length.

Naturally they'll be harder to put in and take out after this.

Don't forget these solutions were to avoid a doorstop. A doorstop is a simple solution. Look for some small heavy interesting object at a flea market. For years I used an iron weight from a cotton scale.  It was a good conversation piece for the son of a cotton farmer.

The cheapest and easiest solution is to pick up a package of 4 tapered/wedge shaped rubber doorstops at the Dollar Store.

Another solution holds the door to the wall sort of like a cabinet spring clip.  I can't find a picture of one but they look something like this:       

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