To organize sockets and keep them from moving around, I put pegs in a piece of pegboard fit to the drawer, and put the sockets on the pegs
Here's the pegboard with the sockets on the pegs in their drawer


The top drawer holds Standard open & box end wrenches

The second drawer hold Metric open & box wrenches

The third drawer contains the sockets

The bottom drawer holds ratchets, extensions and adapters


I was demonstrating this arrangement to a friend one day and pulled all the drawers out fully.  The weight tipped the entire cabinet off the bench and crashing to the floor. 

Took me half a day to find all the pieces and get everything back in their places.  Some of the drawers were bunged up but everything still works.  

The cabinet and contents weigh about 200 pounds.  It doesn't hold my entire collection of sockets.  Most of the 1/2" drive sockets are kept in a separate toolbox.