Product Identification: Masonite Hardboard Siding

Masonite Corporation is a leading manufacturer of a product made from wood fiber, wax and resins that is widely known as hardboard siding. Masonite distributes its hardboard siding both in lap (board) and panel (sheet) applications, each available in various external textures designed to look like conventional lumber siding. Masonite markets its siding products for a variety of external construction uses, including exterior siding for residential and other structures. This lawsuit does not concern Masonite® products used for interior, roof, wall substrate, plywood or deck sheathing, or for purposes other than exterior siding. The lawsuit also does not concern oriented-strand board (OSB) siding.

Not all hardboard siding is manufactured by Masonite Corporation. The Masonite name is often used improperly to refer to other manufacturers' brands of hardboard siding. Masonite® is a registered trademark of Masonite Corporation.

If you do not already know whether you have Masonite® Hardboard Siding on your property, there are several steps you may take to make that determination. You may wish to contact the builder of your property; you may remove a board or sheet of the siding and inspect the reverse side; or, if you have a garage with the back side of the siding exposed, you may look there. Masonite® Hardboard Siding is typically identified by a stamp of the name "Masonite" and/or the number "X-90" on the siding itself. You may also take a piece of your siding to your local building supply store, which may be able to assist you.

Masonite Hardboard Siding Product Markings

The corporate logos or brand name as shown below are used to positively identify hardboard siding products manufactured by Masonite Corporation. Any of these brandings may appear on the back of the siding.

You can probably file a claim if:

  • You are the owner (or subsequent purchaser) of property in the US or its territories on/into which the above marked siding was installed between January 1, 1980 and January 15,1998.


  • You own or have formerly owned such property and made Prior Un-Reimbursed Expenditures as defined by the settlement agreement.


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