Space Flight Memorials and Exhibits
Decisions and Precedents

St. Louis Science Center - Ansari X-Prize Exhibition - St. Louis, Missouri was not accepted as meeting the intent of this category. 

This center sponsors the X-Prize.  X-Prizes are proffered for a wide array of scientific endeavors in various fields, and the center itself is diverse.  The only X-Prize to date for manned space flight was awarded to SpaceShipOne.  No actual historical artifacts associated this flight are on display at the Center.  It was the unanimous opinion of the officers that being the sponsoring location for this, as one of many prizes, does not meet the intent of the category. 


The Titan I in Cordele, Georgia was not accepted.

The Titan I was an ICBM vehicle.  It was not involved in manned space flight.  A modified version of its successor, Titan II, was used to launch the Gemini spacecraft, but the Titan I's connection to manned space flight was deemed too remote to qualify.


Mission Control Center was not accepted.

The Mission Control Center, in Building 30 at the Lyndon B. Johnson Manned Space Flight Center used to monitor the Apollo lunar flights, is part of the "Space Center Houston" tour and cannot be accessed by the general public except via this tour.  Thus it violates the criteria of the Category.


Rocket Monument at Pakachoag Golf Course Commemorating Robert Goddard was not accepted.

Though Robert Goddard is a legendary figure in the field of liquid fuel rocketry, his contributions came before the Manned Space Program and thus a site commemorating his contributions does not qualify as being directly related as required by the Category criteria.

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