Cache Activity Analyzer
version 2
For Windows XP
If 20 people request it I'll make it work with Win 95, 98 & ME.

I haven't had a chance to check this utility, but I doubt it works since the major website revision.   I'll look at it as soon as I can.


Click Here To Download The Program

This free utility counts the number of finds for a single cache
 or for the caches in a GPX file. 

Use it to keep track of how many cachers have found your caches, or to compare the activity of your caches with your geocaching neighbors, or to find which caches near you are the most active in order to give your travel bugs/trackables a jump start, or etc, etc.


How To Use This Utility

Get the URL to a cache you want to analyze or a .gpx/.loc file containing caches you want to analyze.  You can collect such a set of caches using pocket queries (if you're a paying member), or by using the search feature on this page (click here) of the website.  If you use the second method the caches will have to be downloaded as several files which you will have to combine into one file.  You can combine them using using my EZCompanion utility (click here), or the GSAK program.  Don't put .loc files in EasyGPS and then save them again.  EasyGPS uses a non-standard .loc file format.  If you use EasyGPS, save your cache file in .gpx format and it will work fine.

To analyze a specific cache, start the program and enter the cache URL.  To use a gpx/loc file put the file in the folder with the program (the default location is C:\Program Files\Thots Utilities\Cache Activity), then start the program and enter the file name.  Click Continue and the program will begin counting finds.  In order to minimize the load on the program has a limit/maximum of 100 caches.

It displays the results as shown above.  When it finishes you can go to the File menu and save the results to a file or copy them to your clipboard. 

Note:  For this program to work you must be connected to the internet and have an Internet Explorer logon cookie from  If you use another browser, such as Netscape, FireFox, or Mozilla you will have to logon to one time using Internet Explorer, and check the box that says 'Remember me'.  This will create a logon cookie.


This program may or may not work with Windows 95,98,Me, NT, 2000 or Vista

It works for more than half the people who try it.  Try it instead of assuming it won't work on your computer.

If it doesn't work, download and install
this file then try again.

If I get 20 requests I'll make it
 work with these versions.

If you find the program useful please drop me a line.
If I know people are using it I'm more likely to add features.
You will find my address in the program's Help menu.

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