First To Find -- New Cache Watcher
version 10
For Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7

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This free utility checks regularly for newly approved caches
If you're an FTF hound this utility is for you

NOTE:  To use this program you must be able to do pocket queries on, which means you must be a paying member.  You must also have a broadband connection, or be connected to the Internet continuously

The screen above pops up when a new cache has been approved

This is the setup and operation screen.  You specify how often you want to check to see if a new cache has been approved.  If you are running the program it's unlikely a cache that has just been approved has already been found, but if you uncheck the box it won't show you a cache that's been found.  If you want to know about new caches whether they've been found or not, leave the box checked.  If you want be notified immediately when there's a new Event Cache check the box.  If you figure you'll learn about Event Caches soon enough without rapid notification, leave the box unchecked. Check the Sound box if you want a periodic alert to signal when a new caches has been approved.   If you want a text message sent to your cell phone Check the Send Email box and go here for instructions.  If you want to be notified when updates or new versions of  the program are available leave the box checked, otherwise uncheck it.

The 'Return To Watching' button returns the program to the silent watching mode.  When in silent watching this icon appears in your SysTray (The area on your taskbar where the time and speaker are -- normally located on the bottom right of your desktop.).  To retrieve from silent watching double click on the icon. 

'Go To Query Page' takes you to the your new-cache query page at  'Show All Caches' lists all caches currently in the new-cache query. 

How To Use This Utility

First, set up a 'new caches' pocket query.  I cleverly named mine "New Caches".  You only have to do these three options: 

Also, change the number of caches requested from 500 to 20.


The program only checks the first page of your query, so 20 is the maximum number of new caches that can be listed at any one time.  But, there's not likely to be more than 20 caches within your "rush to" it range. If you ask for more caches it takes the website more time and resources to do the query.  This wastes their resources, slows down the check, and the additional caches are not used.

It will accept all other defaults.  If you want to tweak other options, such as seeing only regular caches or only certain difficulty levels or only new caches with travel bugs you can do that too and you'll only be notified of new caches of the types you are interested in rushing out to find.

Once your query is created, run "Preview" in the left column of the list of queries.  When you get to the new caches preview page, copy the URL/Address in the box at the top of your browser.  Start the First To Find program.  A box will come up asking  for your query URL, paste it in by pressing Ctrl-V (The Control key and the V key at the same time).  You can type it in manually, of course, but that makes it more likely you'll make a mistake and it won't work.

Note:  You must have an Internet Explorer logon cookie from  If you use another browser, such as Netscape, FireFox, Chrome or Mozilla you will have to logon to one time using Internet Explorer, and check the box that says 'Remember me'.  This will create a logon cookie.

If you're using IE7 or later, it has a "Protected Mode" that sometimes prevents the program from using the cookie.  If this is happening the program  will say you aren't logged in when you are.  To resolve this issue, add to the list of Trusted Sites. To add a Trusted Site in Internet Explorer 7, go to the Tools menu, click Internet Options , and then click Security. 

Sending FTF text messages (emails) to your cell phone.

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This program may or may not work with Windows 95,98, and Me 

It works for more than half the people who try it.  Try it instead of assuming it won't work on your computer.

If it doesn't work, download and install
this file then try again.

If you find the program useful please drop me a line.
If I know people are using it I'm more likely to add features.
You will find my address in the program's Help menu.

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