Thot's Utilities
help with geocaching tasks

I originally wrote each of these utilities for my own use.  I then thought they might be useful to others.

As of today [8/1/2020] these should work on versions of Windows starting with 7.  They will work on all versions starting with XP but you may, or may not, have to install this file to make them work.  Try them before installing the file linked to, chances are they will work.

Click on the utility's name for a more complete explanation and to download it.

Benchmarking This is a collection of utilities I use for benchmark hunting.  The introductory PDF file explains how these utilities are used. 

Cache Clusters
Finds groups of caches close together.  Feed this utility a .gpx or .loc file and it will find areas with the highest cache density the greatest concentration of caches near each other.

Want to know where the most caches in your area are located?  This utility will tell you and show you on a map. 

Strips redundant text from caches descriptions & logs that clutter up screens -- useful for paperless caching.
GE Coords Lets you capture coordinates from Google Earth
Paste GC Coordinates Pastes a one-line string of coordinates into's little boxes.
Rainfall Reports the number of days since the last rain.   Avoids slogging through mud. [Only works in some cities]
Geocaching Encrypter-Decrypter Encrypts & Decrypts text using the GC.Com Hint encoder method. Useful for decrypting Hints and adding encrypted notes in Logs now that GC has stopped supporting that feature.  Also useful for decrypting hints in a game I've been playing recently called ShutterSpot.
Averaging Coordinates When hiding a new cache I want the coordinates to be as accurate as practical.  This utility averages several readings, and displays them visually, so you can see if any seem like outliers and if the average looks like it's near the center of the collection of coordinates. 

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