Do you want to learn the basics of using your computer to enhance the pictures from your digital camera?  Learn how to bring out the best in your photos and restore old photos.  I give free lessons showing students how to recognize and correct common photo problems using basic photo editing tools.  It's done over the internet -- you're at home at your computer and I'm at my home at mine. 

To qualify for this you must:

  • *  Have a computer with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 a Mac or Linux

  • *  Be familiar with the basics of using Windows/Mac/Linux

  • *  Be at least 40 years old

  • *  Really want to learn – not just “Oh well, what the heck, it’s free.  I’ll give it a whirl”

  • *  Have broadband access to the internet (DSL, Cable, etc. – not dialup)

  • *  Have access to a digital camera with at least 4 megapixel ability


There are no gimmicks, it really is completely free.

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About Me

  • You can see a few of my own photographs here

  • Though I teach general photo editing, I'm better known in the quilting community.  I don't know how many quilts I've photographed -- I know it's more than 300.  You can see some of them here

  • I photographed the Lakeview Quilters Guild annual raffle quilt for many years.  My credits are at the bottom of the more recent photographs. You can see them here.  I created the guild website in 1999, and my wife and I maintained it until April 2007 when we turned it over to another guild member. 

  • I received special recognition from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum for consultation and training given them on photographing and preparing their quilt images for the national Quilt Index -- the most prestigious collection of quilts on the web.  To see an extract of this from their newsletter, Click Here.

  • Five of my quilt photographs are published in the book 500 Traditional Quilts -- Click Here

If you decide you're interested, on request I'll send you a few references you can call or email to ask about me.  Two of these are Cynthia England & Sue Garman, two nationally known quilters.  (sadly Sue Garman has passed on) You can email Cynthia & Sue's daughter from their webpages.


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