Bay Area Blvd > Red Bluff Road > Taylor Lake Village
either 6 miles or 8 1/2 miles roundtrip depending

This may be the best of the lot and it's prominently marked "Bike Trail."  I start at Bay Area Park and go east to Red Bluff Road then south on Red Bluff to Kirby Road then West on Kirby to the first entrance into Taylor Lake Village (Lake Grove Drive).  The trail continues to NASA One but I stop here and go back to my car at Bay Area Park.  I do this because after this point you have to cross several streets to continue and, as I explained earlier, I rather not play in traffic.  This route is about six miles roundtrip.  The blue line is the route I take and the red shows the continuation which is another one and a quarter miles one way.  From the park to Kirby is asphalt.  On Kirby it's concrete.  I meet more bikers on this path than all the others combined -- usually they're going south. 

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