Friendswood -- Dixie Farm Road @ Blackhawk
1 1/4 miles once around (measured)

This is a asphalt path around a rain runoff holding pond.  Some sections of the path are bumpy -- the asphalt is rippled.  In addition to the main path there's one loop through the woods. 

You get access to this path from an adjacent subdivision.  The address of the access point is 12523 Mellville.  For folks with GPSs the coordinates are N 29 33.928 W 095 13.095.

The path is not an oval.  There's a right angle turn that leads to another right angle turn onto a wooden bridge, the same thing at the other end of the bridge to get you back to the straightaway part of the trail (see map below).

I've only been here once, and that was midday.  There were two other bikers and two pairs of walker-joggers.  One pair of walkers would not yield and the path is too narrow to go around two people abreast without brushing one of them.  The ground rolls off fairly steeply beside the path in many places which makes going off path to pass tricky.  I don't know whether this is a common attitude here or I just encountered a couple of hardcases.  I quit after this encounter as I could tell it was going to be a problem every time around.  I'll try again, but I don't like that bridge.  UPDATE:  I been back, and this time there were probably 5 other bikers.  I didn't have trouble with walking people this time.   There were probably 4 walkers but they were not blocking the full path.  However, there is a sign that says bicycles are limited to 5 MPH.  I have a speedometer so when I saw a cop on a bicycle I slowed down and was probably going a little faster than that when he passed me.  It's just a guess but he was probably going 8-9.