Abandoned Golf Course
5 1/2 miles roundtrip

The original Clear Lake golf course has been abandoned.  The old golf cart paths make good biking paths.  If you do the entire round trip it's about five and a half miles, but I've never done it at one time.  Since they're not maintained some areas are cracked and grass almost covers them in places.  But, people walk on these paths and bikers ride on them so at least a small area will always be clear.  There's modest activity here and you may have to ride off onto the grass occasionally while passing a stroller or even a golf cart but it isn't bad at all.  Because of people traffic and the lack of maintenance they're a little harder riding than a smooth flat concrete path.  For some reason there often seems to be a noticeable headwind when going south.  There are also a few knolls you have to climb and until you learn to anticipate them and get up some speed as you approach, they can be a little taxing.  

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