La Porte -- Fairmont Parkway

4.8 miles or 8.25 miles or more, depending

These are new in 2012.  They're nice wide concrete paths located along and just south of Fairmont Parkway in west La Porte.  There are more of them in La Porte but they appear to be too short to make for a ride. 

I only travel along the blue section of the route -- between Underwood Road and Bay Area Blvd.  I don't go cross these streets because, as you know by now, I avoid as much traffic as I can, and in either direction beyond this you have to cross major roadways.  But, if you're willing to cross these roadways you can continue west to Luella.  The narrow bridges break up the ride for me.  The first time I did this trail, because of a climb and turn, I was going too slow when I reached the mouth of the bridge and fell into the railing which has unpleasant aluminum plates extending into the path.  I sprained something in my chest and took a 1" circle of skin off my arm even though I was wearing a heavy blue jean jacket.  So, I walk the bike onto the bridge now. 

This path continues east toward downtown La Porte, but for the reason given above I've never continued in that direction.

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