Bicycle Paths in the Clear Lake (Houston) Area
August 2009

I recently bought my first bicycle in forty years.  I don't like to ride with cars, so I've been searching out bike paths in the area.  I need variety so I want as many places as I can find.  This is a list of the ones I've come up with so far (after about three weeks of looking).  I have a comfort bike with balloon tires, so I'm not sure how some of these are for road bike wheels but I've seen road bikes on almost every one of them.  Also, I don't know whatever authorities there may be think about bike riding on some of these, but since I've seen other riders on every one of them I'll wait until I'm challenged. 

If you haven't ridden in a long time I suggest you practice in a big parking lot until you feel comfortable stopping, shifting gears, following a line, making sharp right and left turns and staying balanced while peddling in a very low gear.  Also, anytime you're going to try something new and different, I recommend you practice it in the parking lot first.  Maybe the best parking lot in the area is at the University of Houston Clear Lake.  I went outside normal school hours and there are acres of asphalt paved parking.

Click on the link to learn about each path I've ridden.  (NOTE:  Distances are estimates unless otherwise stated.)

Bay Area Blvd > Red Bluff Road > Taylor Lake Village

Abandoned golf course

Clear Creek Nature Center

University of Houston Clear Lake

Sylvan Rodriguez Park

La Porte -- Fairmont Parkway

Clear Lake Park on NASA One

Friendswood -- Dixie Farm Road @ Blackhawk

Red Bluff Trail

Todville Road Trail

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