Restaurants the Evans' Frequent


I don't do. . . Other than this, if a restaurant in the Clear Lake area isn't listed, there's probably a reason.  (Except for Mexican restaurants -- there are so many, we don't frequent them all.)

Excellent .. Good... (no ball) OK ... We eat at all these places so none are poor.

General Menu - Cafe - Variety

  • Seabrook Classic Cafe - NASA, Seabrook - general menu, seafood -- fried oysters for me and recently their prime rib has been excellent
  • Kelley's - League City Main St. across from Popeye's & the Sonic -- country cooking,  large portions.  I like their chili dog & burger.
  • Cheddar's - I list Chedder's  because of their Chicken Pot Pie.  Best I've had in 60 years.  They make an okay burger and baby-back ribs too.  Good Bloody Mary.  Most of their food is good.  Typically service is poor & slow.


  • Frenchie's - El Camino Real @ NASA 1  At Lunch.  We quit going at night years ago because their wait staff were haughty
  • Angelo's -Webster, Bay Area Blvd, between Texas 3 and I45, across from the Out Back Steakhouse -- best tortellini in the area, and good pizza.
  • Olive Garden - We quit them for many years because of poor service, but recently have gone back and service is much improved.
  • Pomodora's - Good Italian and pizza.  Service improved in mid 2013. (haven't been there in a long time)

Steak - most have seafood

  • Perry's Grille - Bay Area Blvd @ Texas 3 behind Kinko's -- declined somewhat in recent years.  Their Wednesday and Friday noon pork chop is usually great and a good deal.  Evenings got too pricy for us.  (haven't eaten here at night in a long time, so . . .)
  • T-Bone Tom's - in Kemah on Texas 146 near high bridge -- steaks & barbecue We get their chicken fried steak or ribeye. 146 has become congested.
  • Bay Area Meat Market and Smokehouse - 537 Kirby, Seabrook -- Picnic tables, absolutely no atmosphere, purely functional.  Super steaks, super cheeeap.  Good burgers.  Good pulled pork sandwich.  Good Chicken Fried Steak. 
  • Hobby Hilton - Tuesday Night Prime Rib Buffet -- yum-yum (haven't been in a several years and I think their price has gone way up)
  • Samurai Japanese Steak & Sushi House - 133 W Bay Area Blvd, Webster.  We get a steak at the hibachi, but people rave about their sushi. 


  • Red River Barbeque -- League City on Main near Egret Bay Blvd.
  • Tony's Barbecue -- Saturn @ Gemini in Clear Lake City.  Best BBQ in the Clear Lake area
  • Killen's -- 3613 E. Broadway in Pearland.  I think it's the best BBQ I've ever eaten.  Long line/wait.


  • Miller's Cafe - on Space Center Blvd., off Bay Area Blvd (old time greasy spoon burgers -- I like 'um)
  • Perry's Market and Grill -- 614 S. Friendswood Dr.  They have great dishes other than burgers but that's what I eat there most regularly.
  • Stomps Burgers -- Off Highway 146 in Baycliff.  They have the same burgers (with different names) and onion rings the old Tookies did.  Remember the Stomps Icehouse Special at Tookies.


  • Pappasito's - I-45 northbound feeder between NASA 1 & Bay Area Blvd. The "Superior" is more than enough for the two of us.
  • Mom Alone -- NASA One, across from the three tall (Power's) office buildings. We did Sunday breakfast here for a couple of years
  • Los Ramirez -- On El Camino Real, beside the Coliseum Restaurant across from Hancock's fabric.  
  • Alamo Tamales -- Texas 3, near Clear Lake City Blvd.  Their tamales are wonderful -- be sure to get the large ones, the small ones are just standard machine made tamales. This is a takeout place.
  • Chuy's -- I'm sure most of their dishes are good but their chile relleno with Deluxe Tomatillo sauce is so good I've never had anything else. (and I don't generally care for chile relleno)


  • Skipper's - Kemah FM 2094 (you may think it's on 518 but it's not) about a mile from Hwy146
  • Mamacita's - Mamacita's Tex-Mex breakfast (fried eggs over enchiladas) or Megas most Sundays.
  • Bon Appetit Cafe - In Nassau Bay.  Good breakfast.  I also like their breakfast croissant  and French Dip sandwiches. [I know, French Dip isn't breakfast]
  • Taco Cabana -Webster, Bay Area Blvd between Texas 3 and I45.  Cheeeep and OK.  I like their ground beef Cabana Bowl.
  • Denny's - Bay Area Blvd, not because it's particularly good but because it's OK and convenient for us.
  • Ashley's Donuts -- Bay Area Blvd @ Thor.  Their sausage croissants, donuts and apple fritters are good.  They also have a great breakfast burrito they call a taco.  You must order it by 11am. 
  • McDonald's - Breakfast Biscuit & senior coffee only (they have a good deal on senior coffee)
  • Jack-in-the-Box - I only get their Loaded Breakfast Sandwich or Egg Rolls -- their egg rolls are the best around


  • Jason's Deli - in Webster, Bay Area Blvd, between Texas 3 and I45, beside Bradleys.  They have a good salad bar.  Their one trip salad bar with half a sandwich is the best deal there.
  • Potbelly -- in Webster, NE corner of Bay Area Blvd. and I-45, near TGI Friday's.  We get their meatball sandwich, thin cut.
  • Lenny's Sub Shop -- Good sub sandwiches, best Philly Cheesesteak around here.  Paying is slow and confused.
  • Freebirds -- Corner of Bay Area & Texas Ave. Cattycornered from Taco Cabana.  Excellent burritos are whatever they're called.

Indian (I love Indian food)

  • Mogul -- They've moved to the corner of Bay Area Blvd & Buccaneer (Near Spec's Liquor).  Their every day noon buffet is excellent.  Menu dishes are also excellent, but full service can be slow. 
  • Cuisine of India - My wife likes this one better than the others
  • Salateen  - No atmosphere.  If it wasn't so far away their buffet might become my lunch favorite. It's on Dixie Farm Road between Ellington and 45.


  • Hunan Star - Across the street from Armand Bayou shopping center, behind CVS pharmacy.  May be the best Chinese restaurant in the area
  • Clear Lake Hunan Restaurant -- 2323 Clear Lake City Blvd. In the shopping center at Space Center. Probably my current favorite just because they make General Tso's Chicken the way I like it. Service can be slow. The wife likes 888 Bistro. I can't find anything there I like.
  • Nobi Public House I had to put them somewhere.  It's Vietnamese Fusion & beer & beer & beer.  I get the pork fried rice. Or the stir fry noodles with pork.  <whistling>9900 bottles of beer on the wall, 9900 bottles of beer . .  

Fried Chicken

  • Popeye's - Bay Area Blvd. in Armand Bayou shopping center beside Valero gas station.  We do take-out about every 6 weeks.  (hard to figure out how to order)


  • Dan's Pizza -- Take out or delivery. I take out, deliveries may be cold and soggy. 
  • Texas Pizza -- Take out or delivery.   Haven't done them recently. Used to switch off with Pomadoras
  • Pomodoras -- 1303 NASA Pkwy.  Everything is good, but service was so terrible we've quit going, except for take out pizza.
  • Angelo's -Webster, Bay Area Blvd, between Texas 3 and I45, across from the Out Back Steakhouse -- Everything's good.  We do dine in pizza, spaghetti and meat sauce, baked ziti, chicken parmesan or tortellini.  They have the best tortellini in the area


  • Ashley's Donuts -- Bay Area Blvd @ Thor.  I like their jalapeņo crescent roll sausage croissants, glazed old fashioned donuts and apple fritters. 

Other -  None right now

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