New Features

All the features of the Original InfoMagic and much more.  


Extra adds the following features
to Original InfoMagic

bulletMagic Reminder & Magic Alerts
bulletEnhanced Fonts -- Bold, Italics, Colors, Etc.
bulletChoice of Fonts and Font Sizes.
bulletGreatly Enhanced Dialer
bulletAbility to Put Graphics in Documents
bulletBetter Printing Facility With Choice of Printer
bulletExtemporaneous Screen Sizing and Positioning

Improved Taskbar Management


Date & Time Stamp uses Windows Regional Format

bulletAbility to Drag/Drop Text & Rich Text files Onto an InfoMagic Shortcut
bulletDressier Interface

Options to Speed Up Document Fetching When URL Launching Is Enabled

bulletDocument Backup Feature
bulletAbility to Drag & Drop File Lists From Windows Explorer Into A document
bulletAbility to Launch Disk File Names/Paths to Their Parent Application
bulletAbility to Delete ".old" Retained Copies of Changed/Deleted Documents
bulletCustomizable Search Hit Limit -- Number of Hits Returned Is Selectable
bulletA Format Cleanup Tool for Text Copied/Pasted from Emails, Web Pages, etc.
bulletA Generator/Creator for All Those Passwords You Have to Come Up With
bulletDouble-Clicking on Numbers Starts Dialer and Double-Clicking URL Launches it

Magic Reminder & Magic Alerts

This is a major addition.  Magic Reminder is used to schedule two kinds of activities -- tasks and eventsTasks are things you want to do, but exactly when they get done is flexible -- such as, change the air-conditioner filter.  An event happens at a specific time, and if you miss it it's too late -- such as, Johnny's recital or your flight to Borneo.  Activity is the generic term for either a task or an event.

Magic Alerts is always present in your systray, and as the name implies, alerts you when the activities scheduled using Magic Reminder come due.

Note:  In the e x t r e m e l y unlikely event you don't want to use Reminder/Alerts (Oh, no!  Not possible!) go to Magic Reminder Preferences and disable it. 

Ability to Put Graphics in Documents

Many applications let you Copy picture files (.gifs, .bmps, .tifs, etc.) to the Windows Clipboard -- for example if you select an picture in Word, you can then then Copy it.  Images you Copy from other applications can be pasted into your InfoMagic Extra documents.  It's unlikely I will use this feature.  Image files are often very large and this will slow search and document fetch functions a lot.  If you decide to do this, try keeping the documents that contain images in a separate folder and set Preferences to Search Current Folder Only.  This way you won't normally include these large documents in your text searches.

Drag & Drop Text Files

You can add text files to InfoMagic  by Dropping them onto an InfoMagic Shortcut.  InfoMagic must be closed when you do this for it to work.  Also, dropped files must have a .txt extension.  If you are using rich text formatting the .txt file will be converted to rich text format automatically.

Ability to Delete ".old" Retained Copies of Changed/Deleted Documents

You may not have realized this, but every time you change or delete a document, a copy of the old version is kept using the file extension '.old'.  It's used for the Undo Save Change/Delete Document feature.  Over time these .old files begin to accumulate, cluttering up the folders.  Since they're invisible, this never bothered me, but I've gotten complaints, so I added this feature.  The feature lets you choose how long you want to keep these .old documents.  You'll find the option in Options  |  Preferences  |  Backup.

Text Cleanup Tool

You probably get emails with >>>>>>> quote marks in the margin followed by short, improperly wrapped, one or two word lines.  You may want to keep the text, or send it to a friend, but not so junked up.  You may copy text from a webpage that you want to put in InfoMagic, but the format's screwed up.  This tool helps clean these up. 

Password Generator Tool

I must have 30+ passwords, and have to come up with a new one about once a week.  Unless you're security savvy you're likely to make up passwords that crackers have in 'common passwords' lists (Oh, no!  Not possible!).  They use these common passwords to hammer with until they break-in.  This tool generates a fresh random password in a heartbeat.  You can paste it into that new website, and store it in InfoMagic alongside your user name and the website's login-in page/URL.  I have a password protected document (with a password I can remember) that contains all my other user names and passwords.  HINT:  Don't name your password document something obvious like "My Passwords.".  Make the name blend in with your other document names.  Then create a document or two full of gibberish, and give them seductive names like "Logons" or "Passwords."  Snoops will go bananas trying to decrypt these gibberish files.

I like to use real words for passwords.  I can both remember and enter them a lot easier.  You can either use the word list included with Extra to generate word based passwords, or you can your make your own word list.  See the Password Generator Help for instructions on how to make your own list.