I'm Getting .old

When I go below decks using Explorer and look where my documents are kept I see all these files with the same names as my documents, but with the extension .old.  There's one of these .old files for almost every one of my documents.  What are they, why are they there and can I delete them?

When you change or delete a document the original document is renamed from its .txt or .rtf extension to the .old extension and saved to support the Undo Document Save/Delete feature in the Edit Menu dropdown.  This feature only works until delete another document or quit InfoMagic, but I keep them anyway just in case I realize later I want to manually recover the .old version.

You can delete these any or all of these .old files at any time without causing problems.

In  Options  |  Preferences  |  Backup you can specify how long you want to keep these .old files, or not at all.