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Asked Questions
How Do I Install in Vista & Later Versions?

How can I keep and use my InfoMagic documents: 

On my laptop or somewhere else on my LAN? 

On another drive or floppy disk? 

After Upgrading to InfoMagic Extra I Can't See My Original InfoMagic Documents

Jim, I've Tried the Program and I Just Don't Get It

I lost my registered copy of InfoMagic Extra. How can I get another copy?

I Just Bought a New WhizBang Computer With Windows Monopola Fantastica. How Do I Move My IMe Documents to It?

Can I Password Protect an Entire Folder?

InfoMagic is putting my folders in the wrong place

How Can I Start InfoMagic While in Another Program, Without Having to Go to the Desktop? 

What's All This .old Stuff in the Boiler Room?

How Do I Remove/Uninstall InfoMagic (Oh, no!)?

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