I Don't Get It?

Over the thousands of users and 6 years I've been distributing this program, a rare user will draw a complete blank on how to use the program.  I don't understand what's happening, but here is a email I sent to such a user.  I hope it helps the light to dawn.  If you have suggestions on how improve on it please let me know at InfoMagicExtra@factsfacts.com

>I must be pretty stupid, Jim, but I cannot figure out how to enter and save
>stuff into your program. 
>Maybe a short, simple tutorial for dumb users is indicated. 

Rest assured it ain't stupidity.  One of my very best friends is a PhD physicist and one of the brightest people I've ever met.  He has tried to figure out how it works through 3 versions.  He tried again last month.  No luck.  I have never been able to figure out the right words to say.  I assume the problem comes from preconceived expectations.  I conclude it may be too simple for really bright people.  Perhaps they're expecting something more complicated.  Of course I see its simplicity as its elegance. 

I'm going to try to do create a simple tutorial using the steps you've suggested.  If you figure it out, please, please tell me what's the obvious thing I've forgotten to say it in the program Help Introduction.  It has to be something outside expectation, and too elementary to see.

If you haven't yet read the Introduction and Example Uses sections in the Help Contents please do so before reading the following.  If you have read those section, please try reading them again after you have read the following.

1) create a folder -- Click the yellow Folder icon with the word NEW on it, and type 'My Folder' in the blank and click OK.  You will now be "in" this newly created folder.  [Note: Don't use/include the single quote marks I use to indicate the words you are to type or look for.]

2) create a document -- Click the dog-eared Sheet-of-Paper icon on the far left of the toolbar.  Type 'My Document' in the blank and click OK.

3) put some data in the document -- Type the words 'Mary had a little lamb' in the big white space on the right side of the screen that's below the entry blanks and toolbars. 

4) save the data/document -- Click the Disk icon (It's just to the right of the yellow New folder icon) to Save what you have typed. 

5) then close that doc and folder -- Normally you are always in a document except when you first start the program.  If you had more documents than the one you just created you could click (once) on another document in the vertical list on the left of the screen and you would leave the document you are currently in (displaying/editing) and display the document you clicked on.  If you want to get out of all documents click the windshield wiper icon to clear the document display/edit screen. 

You cannot "close all folders".  You can only change folders.  You are always in the folder shown in the Folder Selection Box on the far left of the screen below the toolbar.

6) Close/Exit InfoMagic

7) Restart InfoMagic

5) "find" the info again -- click the Binocular icon, type the word 'lamb' in the blank and click Search

The "Hits List" will appear. Click on the line that says "Mary had a little lamb" and you will be taken to this phrase in the document named "My Document" in the folder named "My Folder"

Now that you've done this you may want to look at the sample screen again.


At the risk of adding confusion, here's an exchange I once had with a new user:

>This all seems interesting and useful.  However, I would love to see an
>example file that you use.  Do you leave things completely free form, or
>enter keywords in a list followed by stuff?

I do different things with different stuff.  Here's a tiny (emphasis on TINY) snip from my document named FACTS.

Local crime watch group meets 2nd Tuesday each month
Corpus hospital where Frank goes SPOHN 1-512-881-3000 
s37=15 setting that reduces modem connect speed to 24000 bps
poison for wax leaf ligustrum spider mites ortho isotox 1-800-225-2883 2 tbsp tblspns = 1 oz :: 2oz / gal cut isotox 1:1 with water and use a sprayer setting of 8. Or, sprayer setting of 4 for undiluted isotox.
The Tinman says use Laticrete mastic for ceramic wall tiles
Art James says AquaMix Grout Stain does an excellant job of both staining and sealing grout. 
Speedy Jim says the best toilet flapper is the red colored 'Bulls Eye' brand one
the left fluorscent flourscent florescent florscent light in the guest bath was replaced on 7/5/99
'bleaching oil' will turn wood gray (grey) -- weather it (weathered) deck fence


'86 toyota camry facts
changed oil & filter 7/13/00
changed air filter in 7/99
battery -- Delco 60 24/60 Group size 24.


original refrigerator water filter Hydro-Flow Model # 105ALS
Jalapeno's Restaurant 2702 Kirby Dr 77098  713-555-1212
Bosch 1587DVS sabre saw is rated best -- first price found $178
Porter Cable 333VS thought best random orbital palm sander, on alt.woodworking I bought it. $80 at Lowe's
My reciprocating saw -- Milwakee super sawzall sawsall model 6527-21
MILWAUKEE Electric Tool Corp.
An Atlas Copco Company
13135 West Lisbon Road
Brookfield, WI 53005
(414) 781-3600; Fax: (414) 781-3611

To wash surface before painting use 2 tablespoons of TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) per gallon of hot water this = .75 teaspoons per pint or 1.5 teaspoons per qt
illegal characters in urls ] [ > " ? ' ( ) ,
1-800-844-6543 for GE insurance
Slots in main computer slot 1 is on the bottom
1 IDE 16 bit -- contains sound card -- ports from left to right -- audio out; line in; microphone; game
2 IDE 16 bit -- empty > can only use one of these because there's only
PCI -- empty > one opening at back for the two slots
3 PCI -- LAN card for local network
4 PCI -- empty
5 PCI -- LAN card for internet DSL line
6 PCI -- empty
7 PCI -- monitor/video
Adaptec SCSI adapter bought Sat 9/18/99
Product ordered was called AHA-2930U KIT 32BIT PCI USCSI HOST ADAPTER
Following was called TSID number 73AD433
Product P/N 1662200
Product S/N BDOD93404VC
bought from IC-Direct.com shipped late delivered even later than promised took 1.5 weeks total -- they advertised 4 days

General Assistance 1-800-959-7274 or 1-408-945-2550
Tech Support 1-408-934-7274 M-F 6a-5p Pacific time

Automated Technical Support: U.S. and Canada: (800) 959-7274
---------------------------- International: (408) 945-2550
o Interactive FAX Service
o On-line Questions & Answers 

Live Technical Support: U.S., Canada &
----------------------- International: (408) 934-7274
o M-F: 6:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time

Literature Hotline: (800) 934-2766
o M-F: 6:00am to 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time

Software Ordering (U.S.A. and Canada): (800) 442-7274
o M-F: 6:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time

International Software Ordering: (408) 957-7274
o M-F: 6:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time

Bulletin Board Service (BBS): (408) 945-7727
o 24 hours a day (up to 28800 bps, using 8 data bits,
1 stop bit, no parity)

CompuServe Support GO ADAPTEC

The Microsoft Network (MSN) GO ADAPTEC

World-Wide Web http://www.adaptec.com

FTP (login as user "anonymous") ftp.adaptec.com

Internet E-Mail support support@adaptec.com


Moved my website from ghg to swbell on 10/5/99

Battery charger Schumacher Electric Corp. Model SE-50MA-2 1 (800) 621-5485 tech support incompetent

Color printer HP Deskjet 722C -- toner cartridge C1823A


The CONTACTING ADAPTEC stuff was copied and pasted directly from the Adaptec website.

If you note the fluorescent light and sawzall listings you see the different ways I might spell them. 

This snippet didn't contain any but, sometimes I do add keywords I figure might come to mind when searching later.


If you're using Extra

Though there is some synergy between InfoMagic, the memory, aid and Reminder/Alerts the scheduler/activity reminder, it is probably best to think of them a separate programs doing different things.  

Reminder/Alerts has two aspects.  You use one aspect to create/modify activities.  The other aspect alerts you in real time when these schedules/activities are due.  I find it  works best if I start Reminder/Alerts by double clicking on the calendar icon in the Systray (bottom right area of your screen).  Though there are advantages to starting it from InfoMagic, it isn't as quick and the two ways work a little different, so it can be a little confusing until you have used Reminder for a while.

If you have suggestions on how improve on this explanation 
please let me know at InfoMagicExtra@factsfacts.com