How Can I Keep My InfoMagic Documents
on My Laptop or Somewhere on My LAN?

Note:  For now you can use only this method with InfoMagic alone, not in conjunction with Magic Reminder & Magic Alerts.  Their supporting files must be located with them in the Start In: folder shown in their shortcuts.

This illustration assumes you connect your laptop as a station on a LAN when using your desktop computer


Create a new folder on your laptop or server to keep your InfoMagic documents.  Example:

\\myserver\C\my remote InfoMagic files\

Then, Right Click the shortcut you use to start InfoMagic and, select Properties  |  Shortcut.  Change the Start In: path to "\\myserver\C\my remote InfoMagic files\" [include the quote ( " )  marks] and Click Apply. See the illustration below.

You will need to move your existing InfoMagic document folders to  "\\myserver\C\my remote InfoMagic files\"  but, from then on, you will be using/reading/changing them out of this new location.