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Promotion of InfoMagic Extra Version 2 Has Been Suspended Indefinitely

For now, the website will remain, so you can purchase registered copies and access FAQs, but there will be no more Trial versions. 

I completed Version 3 to meet Vista and Windows 7 constraints about two years ago but haven't published it because I can't muster up the energy to create a Help file for it.  With the release of Vista, Microsoft changed their Help facility entirely, so the Help file will have to be completely  rewritten. This is not a trivial effort and I'm not certain I will ever do it. 

Thanks to all the loyal users of InfoMagic.  You may want to check here occasionally for a release of Version 3, but don't count on it.

If you need assistance with your current version email me.  

Replacement Copies

I will continue to provide replacement copies of version 2.  You can go here to request a replacement.