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Good Words

Many thanks to all you kind folks who've written.  I've been favored by a tide of thanks and good words.  In recent times there have been too many for me to reply to each, but rest assured, they make my day.  Here's a sample of the flowers I've gotten.

THANK YOU for your wonderful software. 

I'm a postgraduate student and I found infomagic just great for storing all my reading notes and research logs. Prior to discovering your program, I used 3by5 index cards and it did the job. However, I now find that I can store my stuff better with your software. I particularly love the search capabilities of infomagic.

Ashwin K 
Sydney, Australia. 


I like it heaps!
No need to categorize everything, just throw it on in!

Bert V



It's simple to use, and allows me to drop three complex programs that I really didn't like at all. Great Stuff!

Dair G

Its free structure and flexibility makes at least MY days more easy, I only have to enter whatever I know when I know it, and I can retrieve it at any time.

This is GREAT.

Birger K
Oslo, Norway

Great product!

Gil P

Subject: Your great program.

Very intuitive, and usable, immediately.

Mark Wygent, President
Wygent Reeds, Ltd.

Great program.  Simple and basic - exactly what I was looking for.  

Cory Cochran
Owner - Computer Aces


I love the simplicity of it.

William V


Very good program I use it at least 20 times a day if not more.

Michael B  
New South Wales, Australia


Excellent resource for field comments . .

Ray D
Melbourne  Australia

I say well done because as near as I can see you can use it in any number of ways.

Kris O
Quebec, Canada


It's great.  Just like you say, I use it as a spare drawer.  In fact I've cleared out a real spare drawer where I kept scraps of paper with passwords, registration numbers etc on.

I also scan, OCR and store hints and tips out of magizines

Dave K
Yorkshire England

I use Infomagic for almost a year already.  It's great, it's simple and it's small.

Jan P
The Netherlands

I was amazed when I used your program.  I hate to sit and read documentation.  Didn't need to.  Very easy to use.

Kevin J

Good program...


Great example of American ingenuity!  I loved your examples.

Sandra P

I`ve been using it for about a year and you really don`t fully  appreciate it until you accumulate alot of info.

Great prog.

Robert Eugene T

Am about to demo it at a Computer Club I belong to.  Congratulations on a useful program.

Bob  M
Toronto, Canada







With Info Magic you get it FREE then find out it is worth far more than others at ridiculous prices. This program is definitely a KEEPER.

Charles R
Perry, IA

Excellent Software.

Ian L
Cheshire, UK

Am absolutely delighted with it. The more I use it the more I love it !

Alan S

I love it! Couldn't do without it.

It's invaluable to be able to pop a note into the right file - or create another, arranged according to MY logic, not some programmer's.

SarahJane M

Great program! Well Done!

Sherry L

InfoMagic is an outstanding program !!!

I'm a General Surgeon practicing in the Philippines, and I'm using InfoMagic, to keep track of my patients.

Dr. M

I am really impressed at what a quality program it is. I use InfoMagic as a daily personal journal, and it works out fantastically. 
It's a great program.

Kimberly M

I really like this program! The sheer simplicity of it is great - no complex folderol.

Ken K


Congratulations !   Its a great program and deserves to be better known. Well done.

Alan K

It does everything you say it will. Well Done.

Mike G
St Charles, IL

This is a great piece of software.  I looked at more than a dozen programs but found infomagic by far the best. 

Akemi Y

Great job!

Halifax Canada

[W]hat I have been looking for.

Gilbert M
Corpus Christi, Texas

K.I.S.S.? Yes!!

This little program is great!

Michael P
Westerville, Ohio

Very good, thank you.

Thomas F

Kelso, MO

I absolutely love InfoMagic!!  It is the only PIM I use.  Thanks a lot!!!!!!

Allan W
Northern California

Thank You It's Great!

Lorenzo Roberto A


Thanks for the great program! . . What an outstanding program this is - it has already become indispensable . .



I use it every day, and I LOVE IT!  It's terrific  . .

Franny S

I love your InfoMagic program!

Betsy C
Saint Cloud, MN

Great stuff.  Absolutely well done.

Srinivas P

Really great program.  Kudos!!!

Kimberly  M
Sacramento, California

a nicely done, usefull program!

Al O
Wheaton, IL.

I think your program is great.

Mike N
Kent, WA

Straightforward simplicity is the key to making software useful-- you're one of the few who hasn't forgotten that.

Venice, CA

I really love InfoMagic.  It is just the thing.

Thanks for such a wonderful program.  I will always be checking for updates to this neat program.  It helps keep me organized and that is no small task.

Susan G
Venedocia, Ohio

. . it's is well done.

Mike W
Denver, CO

Outstanding program - Once you have tried this one, everything else seems very odd 

I was looking around for several years for a program like this to gain order in my disorder 

Willy Van M






Peter T

I tried a similar product before and didn't like it.  Yours is perfect for my needs!


I use it for everything, and there are no more post-it notes stuck around my monitor. :-)

Steve W
United Kingdom

Very simple and useful program

Harry L






User friendly and very useful.

Joni O
Portland Oregon

Very impressive -- I use it daily.

James W

Kudos!  Great product, that Infomagic!

James T

Great Program

I like your program, it's easy to use.

Mark P

InfoMagic is GREAT!

I am a cadet at The Citadel and this is the best memory aid I have ever seen.

Brandon D
The Citadel

A little "Bonjour" from Paris France.

Your prog is great clever and very useful.


Absolutely great. 


I recently downloaded InfoMagic, and I think it's great. I like your simple approach to the problem: the various other programs I've tried are unnecessarily complicated and not versatile enough.

Jonathan V
Saint Xavier University, Chicago

[Y]our program is working very well for me.

It really is a great adjunt to memory.

Jess S

Thanks for a great program.  Simple and basic.  Exactly what I was looking for.  Keep up the good work!

Cory C
Baton Rouge, L

It's great,  I would like to congratulate you on a fine Aid Memoir.

Dave J

InfoMagic is a great program and I love it - thanks!

Sherry M
South Carolina


Your Info Magic is superb.

The Great Rubima

The more I use it the more I find uses for it. I even keep it on my laptop because it is much quicker than my PIM. 

Barney M


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