She didn't work out

She was a beautiful liver colored AKC Schnauzer. Unfortunately Karli wasn't compatible with us. 

See didn't like men.  For the first several days she would not come near me.  I began putting treats half way
between us -- about 6 feet from each of us.  She finally decided it was food and cautiously edged toward it. 
After a couple more she came to them quicker and quicker.  I gradually cut the distance in half until in a couple
of days she was eating the treat out of my hand.  Soon after she no longer avoided me, and since I fed her I gave
her about a quarter of her meal out of my hand -- she couldn't wait for the next  handful.  This continued for
about a month but she never warmed up and it appeared we had arrived at a stable relationship.  She only came
to me for food or treats and left immediately.

There were other issues but none of this was why we gave her up

We have had other rescues that did their business in the house at first. We used a method (taught us by a
wonderful trainer who's left the area) to correct this and it had worked before, but not  this time.  What we
knew of her history made us believer it was not correctable, or only after a very long time.  We couldn't
continue that way so we had to give her up.