Removing Sticker and Tape Goo

Here's a list of ways/stuff that will remove sticker and tape goo from various things.  Some work better than others depending on the situation, and will ruin some surfaces.

There's Some Meaning to the Order, But Not Much
Are Flammable

lighter fluid
lacquer thinner
your fingernail
warm soapy water
rubbing with your fingers
denatured alcohol
mineral oil
furniture oil
paint thinner
finger nail polish remover 
lift it off with (scotch?) tape
a razor blade scraper
heating with a hair dryer
heating with a heat gun on low
3M adhesive remover
Goo Gone
Goof Off
baby oil
vegetable oil

With some of these you can get more effect on stubborn stuff by letting it soak for a while after wetting it. Others must be wiped off fairly quickly to prevent marring the finish or evaporating.

If there's any doubt whether it will harm the surface, test on an inconspicuous area first.

If you plan to paint afterward don't choose an oily one like WD-40 or Crisco

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