Drying Out a Wet Basement


Wet basements must be a BIG problem, because I get more questions on this subject than any other not covered on my website.  There are no basements in Houston where I live, so I have no knowledge on this subject, but that well known national consumer magazine had an article in the June 2002 issue, page 42, on the problem


I shouldn't tell you the name is  C o_n-s u_m-e r  R e-p_o-r t s  because they forced my original internet service to kick me off, and threatened me with a lawsuit if I use their name on my website again.  Their legal basis wouldn't stand up in court, but they have lots lawyers so you lose anyway.  You can read what happened here.  Amazingly, the person who turned me in was  someone who came to my website for help with a repair problem.  So, if you decide you don't want the help available here, please don't turn me in and deprive others of any help they may get here.