Buying Appliance Parts On-Line

Here are some places you can buy appliance parts on-line. 

I ordered a part from this website in June 2013.  They were pleasant on the phone shipped promptly and had the best return/replacement policy I've run across.

I list the following without recommendation.  Never buy a part from Sears online unless you can't get it anywhere else.  I ordered a refrigerator part from them.  When it hadn't arrived in a week, I called.  I was handed from person to person, holding in queues for each person.  Thirty minutes of waiting later I was told the part had been shipped.  When I insisted they tell me when it was shipped they changed their story and admitted it had not been shipped.  When I tried to cancel the order they refused.  Based on what they told me, it normally takes them 5 days to ship.  I ordered the part from another place who shipped the same day.  The Sears item arrived 3 weeks after the order.

This one has parts lookup and repair manuals online.

The following places claim to help you with troubleshooting and part number identification.  I asked this place for help finding a part number for my failed air conditioner indoor fan relay.  When they didn't reply in two days (other than an autoreply form letter saying they'd answer within 24 hours), I sent a follow-up with my case number asking if they intended to help me.  They never bothered to answer either inquiry.  I won't be using them again.  This place was cheaper than the one immediately above for a Jenn-Air range burner switch, but that was a few years ago.

The following place sells parts for gas grills

There's an off chance you can find your part by putting the part number in a few internet search engines (like

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