Chamberlain & LiftMaster
are the same company

Last Reviewed 10/15/2017

If your problem is with the remote control read this first
The Chamberlain Group Inc. 
845 Larch Avenue
Elmhurst, Illinois 60126 USA

(800) 528-5880
Fax: (877) 528-7633
Technical Support E-mail: 
LiftMaster   Customer Support  1-800-528-9131 or 1-800-528-5880.


Joe Armstrong of Honey Do Home Maintenance writes:

Anyone having remote problems with Sears-Craftsman GDOs should check with Liftmasters. They make the remotes and electronic circuitry for Sears-Craftsman.

Call Liftmaster Customer Service Residential


I had a second remote fail. After purchasing a new remote I messed with it for two days; following the written instructions to the letter and any other possible combination. I called Liftmaster and had the problem solved in less than 3 minutes, using a step stool, cordless phone and my index finger. EXTREMLY friendly and helpful.

Come to find out that the Sears recommended replacement remote was the incorrect model and part number. There are several circuit boards used in Sears-Craftsman GDO's, each circuit board has several variations. Liftmaster can get you the absolute correct remote model number and back into operation in no time.


The following place claims to carry Chamberlain/LiftMaster Garage Opener Parts.   I found them using a search engine.  I know nothing else about them and am not endorsing them.


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