An overview of Ceiling Fans

Large Fans folks like both Hunter and Casablanca. THAT well known consumer product rating magazine hasn't rated ceiling fans for a long time, but when they did the Hunter Sojourn 25874, $190, and Casablanca Panama 12222T, $370 come in on top.   Home Depot's house brand, the Hampton Bay St Claire 413-769, $100, was rated nearly as good as the top 2 and was a Best Buy. We've had 2 Casablanca fans that have been going for 40 years. One had a built-in speed control failure early on -- I replaced it with a wall controller (easier to replace). Both have been quiet and vibration free, running continuously for 8 months of every year. I like 'um.

Small Fans

It was the Harbor Breeze Vandelle EF51 71PB and Hunter Coastal Breeze 23506, at $60. But, again, the Hampton Bay Bridgeton 357-633, $45 and, its brandmate, a flush-mount, the Littleton 270-614, $30 did almost the same as the top 2. The Hampton Bay models were both named Best Buys.

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