The Many Faces of Parker


The Pauper and The Prince
Changing Places

In The Beginning

After First Haircut

After Second Haircut

We found this waif at the Pearland Animal Shelter in 2005.  They were super people -- the gal who worked with us was terrific.  The pictures on the above left were taken the morning after we picked him up.  The pictures in the middle were taken two hours later.   Hard to believe it's the same dog.  If you promise not to tell him, I'll confess I like the looks of the original better -- it was the dog we adopted.  But, the barber lady insisted it wasn't good for him.  He was switched from the pauper to the prince by Felicia at the Pet Palace The top/first picture and the ones in the column on the right were taken about 6 weeks later, after his second and more extreme haircut. 


His beard's disheveled when he first wakes up

The Day Before His Sixth Haircut (Feb '06)

February 28th 2006 -- Last Picture


The following are larger views of the thumbnails above