These Are Tools I Wrote for Benchmark Hunting
and Submitting Finds to the NGS

**Here's a PDF** explaining why and how I submit my finds to the NGS.  If you don't know how to download benchmark data from the NGS database and convert it to a form you can import into GSAK you should read this PDF first. 

Get GC Benchmark Logs

This utility processes datasheet files downloaded from the NGS website adding logs and other information.  Of the four utilities this one and the last one are also useful to benchmark hunters who don't submit finds to the NGS.

Format Coordinates for NGS

The NGS DSWorld program used to report finds to NGS requires the coordinates be in an unusual format.  This utility converts Geocaching style coordinates to the NGS format.

Prepare Photo Names for NGS

The NGS DSWorld program requires picture filenames be in a very specific format.  This utility creates these filenames.  It also reformats the date to the DSWorld requirement.

Paste Coordinates into

This utility pastes a one-line set of coordinates into the little boxes in  It isn't used for submitting benchmarks to NGS but it's useful for adding coordinates to geocache or benchmark logs in