Paste GC Coordinates
For Windows Vista & XP
Internet Explorer & Firefox

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This free utility pastes a one-line string of coordinates into boxes

I have a hard time transcribing numbers without making mistakes.  Also, I find it regressive to disassemble a perfectly good set of assembled coordinates so I can enter them in a bunch of little boxes, like requires.  I import coordinates I take in the field directly from the my GPSr so there's no chance of error.  They are now available in a form that looks something like this N29 35.682 W95 05.043.  [Actually at this point I put the several sets I recorded into this program In either case the result is coordinates in a workable one-line format.]  So, I made this utility that breaks up a set of coords and puts them in the little boxes for you.  It can accept a variety of coordinate formats as long as they're on one line. 

Below are pictures of the coordinate entry screen you use when adding new caches or revising existing coordinates.  When you get to the coordinate entry boxes, place your cursor in the Degrees box.

With your browser window still open move to a place where you can see the Paste Coordinates icon.  There are different ways to do this, but I keep a shortcut on the edge of my desktop such that, with the browser in the normal state (neither maximized nor minimized) I can see the icon.  Double click the program icon and it will enter the coordinates in the boxes as shown below. 

That's all there is to it.  This also works for evince coordinate verification and putting coordinates in geocache or benchmark logs. 


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