Cache/Log Redundancy Remover
For Windows 2000, XP

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This utility is mainly useful to "paperless" cachers who use palmtop computers with small screens.  It strips lengthy repetitious text from GPX files.

You're out hunting a group of caches fairly close together (see my Cache Clusters utility).   You're having trouble finding one, so you flip open your palmtop and bring up the description of the cache in question.  

The description starts "This Cache is Part of the Longest Standard Description on The Planet Series," followed by the same words that are in every cache in the series describing it's purpose goals, home page, achievements, friends and on and on, continuing screen, after screen, after screen, after . . .  Having seen this seemingly endless text many times you flip quickly through the screens looking for some information about the specific cache you're searching for.

Finding none, you move on to the recent logs and immediately encounter a log from the "Team with the list of the most members on the planet, team" with descriptions of each member and a discussion of why the team is out caching today and how good the weather is and how this outing is different from last time and why this group of caches was chosen to hunt and how much fun they're having and and and . . ." continuing screen after screen.   Since the cacher pastes this identical block of text in log-after-log and repeats a slightly modified version on every team outing, you've seen basically this same stuff pasted in god knows how many caches logs, so again you quickly flip through looking for something, *anything*, meaningful that may help you find the cache.  Failing this, you move to the next log which is, naturally, from another member of the the same team saying much the same thing, then another and another and another and . . .

When you get home you look at the cache page on GC and discover there was some real information you missed lost in all the pointless repetition.

If this drives you up the nearest tree (which, naturally, doesn't contain the cache), like it does me, this program is for you.  It's based on the assumption that if the same information is repeated in multiple caches it's unlikely to be applicable to or helpful with a specific cache, so the program strips these duplicate/redundant phrases from your GPX files.  (It does it kind of crudely, so a few tiny remnants of the redundant text may remain.)   Brief repetitions (such as, "Signed log.  TFTH") are not removed, only long rambling ones.

The program is slow.  It's having to search through a lot of text (I keep a lot of logs); it takes about 1 minute per megabyte of GPX file size -- for example, a 3 MB GPX file takes about 3 minutes to process.  If the program were to become popular (very unlikely), I can make it smarter and faster.

You should treat this a beta program as I have only
used it a few times -- but without any problems so far.

Put your GPX file in the folder with the program.  It's located here -- C:\Program Files\Thots Utilities\Redundancy Remover.  Run the program (RedundancyRemover.exe).  It will create a file with the letters RR (redundancy removed) added to the original filename.  It does not modify your original GPX file.  Example:

Original file:          MyCaches.gpx
New cleaned file:  MyCachesRR.gpx


This program may or may not work with Windows 95,98,Me and Vista

It works for more than half the people who try it.  Try it instead of assuming it won't work on your computer.

If it doesn't work, download and install
this file then try again.

If I get 20 requests I'll make it
 work with these versions.

If you find the program useful please drop me a line.
If I know people are using it I'm more likely to add features.
You will find my address in the program's Help menu.

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