I play a game named ShutterSpot where you try to determine the coordinates of the location the photographer was standing when s/he took the picture.   It was originally intended to be a game where you actually went to the location to figure it out.  But, it didn't catch on that way so now it is mostly played virtually -- that is, using internet tools and maps.  There aren't a lot of players today but I like the game and am trying to recruit more users.  To that end, I've made this utility intended to make getting the coordinates easier. 

Below is the PDF user Help file


How to use the ShutterSpot Coordinates program

This program is for people who find ShutterSpots using the internet instead of physically going to the location.
 If you don't know what ShutterSpots is go Here


Using Google Maps find the location you think might be where the picture was taken from. Place your cursor/pointer over the location (Don't click). Then Right Click and a menu will appear. Click the entry What's Here?



A small upside down teardrop in a circle will appear at your location also a box at the bottom of the map explaining where you are and giving the coordinates. Click on the coordinates.



This will put the coordinates on the left below the picture. Select these coordinates and press Ctrl-C to copy them to your Clipboard. Don't copy anything else before following the next step or the coordinates will no longer be on your clipboard



Now run the program and the coordinates that you will put in the little boxes on the log page will appear at the top of your screen. They will stay visible until you exit the program by clicking the X in the upper right.



Tips & Other Minutiae

       When I'm playing the game I put a quick-launch shortcut to the program on my taskbar because you must run it each time you capture a new set of coordinates.  I remove it when I'm through playing.

       There are two ways to highlight the coordinates in order to copy them.  You can sweep over them with your cursor of course.  But you can click on the line with the coordinates anywhere in the white area to their right, then using the keyboard press Shift-Home

       If you delete the words in the box on the upper left (Dallas, TX in the pictures) before clicking on the coordinates in the box at the bottom they will be put in that box too.  I find them a little easier to copy there but it's an extra step.


It also decodes hints.  Copy the hint, then run the program.  The result will look like this.


If you have neither coordinates or an encoded hint on your Clipboard you get gibberish.
NOTE: The Clipboard is where Windows keeps what you copy.



If somehow this utility were being used by several people I can add a Google Earth coordinate capture to this. I think I can add putting them in the little boxes on the ShutterSpot log page too.  If 5 people write saying they're interested I'll add one or both of these.  

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