Making Lemons Out of Lemonade

Everyone's familiar with the adage, "If you're given a lemon, make lemonade."  What's not often mentioned is that some folks, given lemonade, will make it into a lemon.

At the Johnson Space Center in Houston, there used to be a terrific display of a real Saturn V rocket.   The rocket that took men to the moon.  My only photo of it below doesn't come close to doing it justice, especially since it was taken after they had removed the command module and launch escape tower.  Everybody who drove by the Center could take in this marvelous spectacle. 

But, the Smithsonian, the curator of this wonderful display, decided to improve it (protect it?),
 so they hid the grand view inside a colossal eyesore -- a huge ugly gray-blue corrugated metal barn.


Amazing !!!

The barn manages to also hide the Apollo Spacecraft, the Gemini-Titan vehicle and
the Mercury-Redstone (You remember Alan Sheppard & John Glenn.) behind it. 

Couldn't they at least hide this monstrosity behind some murals depicting what it contains?

Bear in mind this wasn't done by Texas A&M, but by the Smithsonian.  The Smithsonian! 
the Smith . . .   sigh  
[small voice offstage left -- "Tell us what you really think, Jim"]

My creation above illustrates something like the way I imagine it could look

NOTE:  Since I created this page, they've put an out
of proportion line drawing on the side.  I'm not
sure whether it's better or worse than nothing