My Experience with a ScreenPatronus Screen Protector
for My iPod 5

I'd read good things about these screen protectors so I was more persistent trying to get one than I would normally be.  I emailed the supplier's website.  No reply.  I found the phone number on the site that said they were there from very early to very late Mon-Sat.  I called in midmorning or mid-afternoon three times on different days.  I was always routed into phone mail and my messages were never returned.  I almost never deal with a vendor after this kind of experience, but I stumbled onto them on eBay and ordered.

I applied the protector following the instructions to the extent possible.  The outcome was less than I'd hoped for. 


In case you're wondering, before starting I cleaned the screen thoroughly with a soft microfiber cloth and didn't touch it again.  I also observed the included admonition not to touch the back of the protector with my fingers.