How It Works

As explained on the previous page, you do this at home on your computer.  I use a free program called TeamViewer that lets me see your computer screen just like I was looking over your shoulder.  I call you on the phone and tutor you.  I can see exactly what you're doing in your photo editor and talk you through each lesson.  TeamViewer can connect me to any computer anywhere in the world, but I can only make phone calls within the US and Canada. 

There's another free program called Skype that will let me talk to you over the internet anywhere in the world.  I've tutored a chap in Oslo, Norway this way and it worked fine.  I'm over 80 married and speak only English. 

NOTE:  If you're concerned about the security of this arrangement you should know I will only be connected while you are at your computer and you will see everything that's happening and everything I do.  At all other times TeamViewer is not running and cannot connect to the internet.  Also, if you choose, you can create a special Windows User just for these sessions.  It isolates this activity from other areas of your computer.

The Classes

Generally this is only a beginner course -- just enough to get you started.  Typically, I begin by having you select some of your photos you would like to improve.  From these I choose ones I think will illustrate the methods I teach.  This way, while learning, you're creating results that are meaningful to you.  My hope is this holds your interest and makes the experience more rewarding.  Normally, we will enhance all the photos you selected, or until you feel confident you've learned how, and can do the rest yourself.  Usually while working on the pictures you have chosen we touch on most methods/techniques that I teach.  At the end of the course I cover any techniques not covered in this way.

I need to establish a regular schedule to avoid conflicts, and manage my time.  Times and schedules are flexible, but the most common plan is eight, two-hour sessions.  Two each week, at mutually convenient times, for about four weeks, but of course, you can quit anytime you want.  I'll encourage you to do a little homework -- to try the things you've just learned without me there to guide you.  Students rely too much on me to prompt them when I'm there then can't remember how later.

The Programs I Teach

I only teach PhotoShop Elements versions 3 thru the latest and PhotoShop versions 5.5 thru CC.  If you haven't gotten a program yet please discuss the options with me before buying. PhotoShop is expensive but Elements is reasonably priced.  You can usually get an older version for less.  The advantage of starting with Elements rather than products from other vendors is, if you get serious about the "Digital Darkroom" it's easier to progress to the full PhotoShop. 

Many more people visit this page than sign up.  Please email me at the link below and tell me why you've read this far and decided you aren't interested in the lessons.  You will not have to identify yourself or give your email address if you don't want to -- just skip those blanks.  --Thanks

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