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EasyGPS Companion is a free utility that makes using EasyGPS, GSAK and other cache managing programs more convenient, at least for me. It should really be named .loc file companion, because it combines several .loc files downloaded from geocaching.com. After you get lists of caches using the search page on geocaching.com you can just click the Check All button at the bottom of the page, download the 20 on a page, go to the next page repeat, and do this again and again until you get as many waypoints as you want.

For example, if I'm trying to get caches around Cheyenne, Wyoming I begin by entering a zipcode (or lat/lon) near the center of townnote 1 into geocaching.coms cache finder and click the Check All button. When downloading, I name the first 20 Cheyenne1, the next 20 Cheyenne2 . . . Cheyenne10, etc. Then my program will combine these individual sets of 20 into one .loc file that loads into EasyGPS or GSAK. If you want to be picky you can select all 20 on a page then go through and uncheck any you don't want, such as 5 star terrain or micros or virtuals or whatever you don't want before downloading each set. 

You must run my program before doing anything else to the files after downloading, because some other programs (including EasyGPS) save .loc files in different formats.

EasyGPS Companion Is Also Included In The
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Note 1:  If you don't know the zipcode for a particular location you're interested in, use Google to search for businesses or motels near that location and get the zipcode from their address on their webpage. 


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